Coronavirus Topic for English Learners

Coronavirus topic or COVID-19 as it’s called scientifically is top-of-the-agenda. Today I decided to touch upon the topic of coronavirus You may ask me how the deuce is it connected with the subject of my blog? The thing is that this topic is numero uno currently and it is being discussed all the time and worldwide, no matter what your scope of activities is. 

Coronavirus topic for English learners

Well, as far as the reason for choosing the coronavirus topic is obvious, I’d like to select and gather the information of different kinds within the topic for:

  • Students who want to learn more and make their own speaking topic on coronavirus in English
  • English language home learners
  • Tutors (to make their lessons time-sensitive!!!)
  • Online readers
  • Simply active searchers of any useful and important information around the topic of coronavirus.

You will find out through my article a new vocabulary around the topic, some essential related passages, best online resources with videos about coronavirus online for English learners, scientific thoughts and useful recommendations concerning how to protect yourself and your family. 

I do believe that it is essential for schools to spread and share precise information about coronavirus with teachers, family members, as well as families of learners of English. The selected resources are not invented by myself on no account; I share the real data, fact sheets, coronavirus map, and infographics, including the lexical material every student should know. 

Why Do You Need to Learn about Coronavirus topic in English

The Coronavirus topic for English learners is important because it is urgent today for every human being to know what it is and how to live with it further. The more information you possess on it, the more you are protected, educated and can communicate on the following topic using the related vocabulary, verbs, phrases. 

the corona virus harm

What is a Coronavirus 2020 

Coronaviruses are generally accepted as a very big family of viruses that provoke health problems starting from the common cold to more devastating disease. This type of novel COVID-19 is another coronavirus strain that has not been detected before dealing with human beings.  

General Symptoms of the Infected with a Coronavirus

The general condition of the infected person depends on the virus, however, usual symptoms are the following:

  • Fever;
  • Cough; 
  • Respiratory distress; 
  • The tightness of the chest.

According to the statistics, the virus can cause even more severe conditions, and, as for instance, pneumonia, atypical pneumonia, renal disease, including death. 

The coronavirus topic is a global issue today. This virus expands ultimately through salvia droplets or nasal discharge when a contagious person sneezes or has a cough. For this reason, it’s important to be more responsible and care not only about yourself but about people around  – please, cough into a flexed elbow. 

Currently (3.25.20) we do not have any specific vaccines in the world, the same is about treatment methods for coronavirus. Although, medical scientists continue to learn more about the virus and conduct different clinical trails to discover possible treatment solutions. World Health Organization  (WHO) constantly updates the information for people worldwide to let us know when all the findings are available. 

Coronavirus Topic for English Learners
Coronavirus Topic for English Learners 6

Videos about the Problem to Learn the Coronavirus Topic

Learning English through the BBC news online can approach you to the world of an ideal English pronunciation with stunning intonation, clear delivering of a new vocabulary with the details which help to get the message even if you think some words are unknown. Listen to the video and answer the questions below. Here is the link for watching –

Coronavirus topic video
Coronavirus Topic for English Learners 7

To understand better what are coronaviruses, welcome to the VOA English learning video conducted in a very clear manner with the English subtitles below –

You can also find out many related videos there to get more on the coronavirus topic and to be aware of some important facts and understand your English talk partner sharing your thoughts. Stay at home and learn English topics of present interest!

Coronavirus Map to see the real figures worldwide

The Vocabulary You May Find Useful on the Coronavirus Topic

  • Coronavirus – короновірус
  • Person-to-person contact – передача інфекції від людини до людини
  • Transmission – зараження, передача (інфекції) source of transmission – джерело зараження
  • to prevent – попередити (to stop from happening)
  • to boost immunity – покращити імунітет (to improve or increase)
  • Droplet – краплинка (the spray delivered when coughing, sneezing and talking) Small droplets can spread disease if the infected sneezes nearby someone else’s face
  • side affects – побічна дія (in addition to the main effect)
  • Quarantine – карантін [‘kwɔrənti:n]
  • Incubation period – інкубаційний період [‘ɪŋkju’beɪʃ(ə)n]
  • to shed – виділяти вірус
  • PCR test (polymerase chain reaction test) – тест для виявлення вірусу в крові

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