How do you say the following numbers?

Numbers or figures are a very interesting topic to discuss in terms of translation and adequate understanding. I’ve stumbled upon various content situation, especially in respect of  some special texts in finance or economics and not only. Well, the matter is that there are a lot of specific numeral things that may be challenging somehow to get. Let us have a look at them:

How do U say the following numbers????

$1 = UAH 8.13   –  The exchange rate is eight point one three UAH to the dollar 

в 10 раз больше (меньше) – is ten times more (less) ; ten times as much (less)

на 5  больше (меньше) – is 5 greater (less)

…составляет меньше (больше) чем 30% – makes (up), amounts less (more) than 30%

1/2    –    one half; a half

1/3    –    one third

1/4    –    one quarter

.002   –   point naught two or zero two hundredths

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