Невеличкий ТЕСТ з англійської:Problem Pairs

Привіт усім любителям англійської!!! Пропоную пройти невеличкий тест на перевірку розуміння широковживаних лексичних пар з англійської мови, які ми доволі часто плутаємо. Ключ до тесту подається нижче.

Choose the correct alternative for each.


a) She studied ____at university and is now an economist with a big international bank.

b) She abalyses the general ____ problems faced by companies operating within traditional industries like shipbuilding.


a) Their government is trying to liberalize the ____while keeping tight political conrol.

b) Overheads (накладні витрати) are getting out of conrol and we need to make major ____ right across the business.


a)   Prices are rising and the number of jobs is falling. It’s not just  a business problem, it’s general ____ problem.

b)   This car uses less petrol than the other one so this one is the more ____.


a)   We will increase pay if the employees raise their ____.

b)   If we don’t get another order soon, we will have to cut ____and maybe close the factory.


a)   We have to reduce our general ____: we must cut costs wherever we can.

b)   Andrew must cut his travel,   accomodation and entertainment ____: he’ll have to stay in cheaper hotels and take clients to cheaper restaurants.


a)   They want to ____ our company but I do not think their offer is high enough for our shareholders to sell.

b)   They expect to ____ all their main competitors, in terms of sales, within a year of the launch of their new product.


a)   He only speaks ____ English: it’s sometimes difficult to understand what he is trying to say.

b)   Well, I think we have a good ____ for discussion after lunch.


a)   Prices are ____ at a rate of about 5% per year.

b)   The company is ____ its prices by 6% this year.


1. a) economics; b) economic;

2. a) economy; b) economies;

3. a) economic; b) economical;

4. a) productivity; b) production;

5. a) expenditure; b) expenses;

6. a) take over; b) overtake;

7. a) basic; b) basis;

8. a) rising; b) raising.

Всім привіт,
мене звати Tanya Tuchyk і я професійний перекладач з англійської мови. Вивчаю англійську мову щодня. Маю освіту в даному напрямку та час від часу займася репетиторством. Ще активно займаюсь копірайтингом на англійській мові в різних тематиках.

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