Перевір свій рівень англійської

перевір свій рівень англійськоі

Dear readers of my Blog! I have a good test for you to check your English level.  There are 62 questions, take your time and do your best. This will help you to know what you have to pull up!

Wish you success only!

After finishing the test be so kind to comment on your results, as I want to make statistics to know what grammatical and lexical topics are the most challenging for people. Thanks a lot!)))


1. I have read the book,_____is very interesting.

a) who         b) which         c) that

2. There _____ some  toys on the floor.

a) isn’t          b) are              c) aren’t

3. When I was a child I _____very often. But now I have no time.

a) sing          b) was singing    c) used to sing

4. There isn’t _______ milk in the glass.

a) any           b) some                c) a

5. John ______ us tomorrow.

a) will call    b) calls                   c) call

6. The conference is cancelled. We _________write the speech.

a) don’t need  b) mustn’t         c) don’t have to

7. She ________too much.

a) smile            b) smiling          c) smiles

8. I ________ go to the party today.

a) not can       b) canot              c)  cannot

9. _____ Anton______ his friends yesterday?

a) Did…saw    b) Did…see        c) Did…sees

10. My______name’s Alfred.

a) sister’s husband’s   b) sister husband’s   c) sister’s husband

11. I am ______ agronomist.

a) a                    b) an              c) the

12. Oh, we don’t have any coffee at home. I_________go and buy some.

a) am going to b) would    c) will

13. We like _______. (Andrew and Jane)

a) you            b) us                 c) them

14. Our friends want to meet _____Friday.

a) at                b) in                  c) on

15. Put ________ books on the shelf.

a) this            b) those           c) that

16. This sofa is ___________ than that sofa.

a) comfortabler       b) most comfortable   c) more comfortable

17. He thinks that book is _________.

a) worse        b) the worst       c) worst

18. _______ I am going to travel all June.

a) That year   b) This year     c) In this year

19. They like _______ a lot.

a) ski               b) skying            c) skiing

20. She likes __________sculpture most of all.

a) the first    b) the one         c) first

21. John _________anything to Ann.

a) didn’t wrote  b) not write   c) didn’t write

22. ________ many policemen at the station.

a) There was       b) It was         c) There were

23. She is busy at the moment. She _________an interesting story.

a) is reading     b) reading      c) read

24. How________money did we spend?

a) much                b) few               c) many

25. They __________to the USA this month. They have already reserved a hotel.

a) are going        b) will go         c) go

26. I have ________eggs in the box.

a) any                   b) little            c) a few

27. I_________a cup of tea now.

a) liked                b) would like   c) like

28. ______ you ever______to France?

a) Has…been    b) Have…been   c) Have…be

29. If you do not have your pencil, take ________.

a) my                    b) me               c) mine

30. Jane ______when the phone rang.

a) was sleeping   b) were sleeping  c) sleeped.

31. We did not go to the beach________the storm.

a) because          b) that’s why        c) because of

32. Sleeping pills are as ______as warm milk and honey if you have insomnia.

a) better              b) good                  c) best

33. You see, this costume is _________than that one.

a) less more expensive   b) much more expensive  c) much expensive

34. This family do not have money to buy a house. If they_______money, they______.

a) have, will       b) had, will       c) had, would

35. He comes _______the USA.

a) from                 b) in                    c) at

36. What’s _______name?Is she Olga?

a) her                    b) his                 c) your

37. Next week I will go on holiday. When I ______on holiday, I_______ to Croatia.

a) went, will flt     b) go, would fly   c) go, will fly

38. He broke his friend’s cup yesturday. I think he _________buy him a new one.

a) shall                b) schould      c) has to

39. Her top manager asked her to make a report. She _________stay after work today.

a) must               b) has to           c) should

40. “Faust” _________by Goethe.

a) was written    b) was being written   c) was wrote

41. When I came back home, my relatives ________ to bed.

a) have gone       b) had gone           c) did go

42. My mam does not like sweets. ____________.

a) Me too             b) So do I               c) Neither do I

43. We have ________to do today.

a) nothing            b) anything           c) everything

44. He thanked me for_______him a lift.

a) gave                  b) to give              c) giving

45. Jeck promised________in time.

a) to come           b) coming          c) come

46. We ________our relatives tonight.

a) see                   b) are seeing         c) are see

47. Jane likes______him_____his friend.

a) neither…nor    b) both…or    c) either…nor

48. He _______his room all the day but he still has a lot to tidy.

a) has tidied          b) has been tidying   c) tidies

49. They ________to complete the task timely.

a) must                b) were able          c) could

50. They will do _________ you like.

a) wherever      b) where that      c) whatever

51. Let’s call Tanya. She_______be at home now.

a) has to            b) must                 c) is allowed to

52. If they ________, the accident______.

a) haven’t argued, wouldn’t happen   b) hadn’t argued, wouldn’t happen  c) hadn’t argued, wouldn’t happened

53. You haven’t been to Kyiv, ________?

a) haven’t you       b) did you     c) have you

54. I didn’t know anything about this situation. You__________me.

a) should told     b) should have told      c) should be telling

55. _______you try, ______you learn.

a) the hardest, the fastest    b) the harder, the faster    c) the hard, the fast

56. She_________to be very rich.

a) is believing     b) believes     c) is believed

57. I ______know her.

a) hardly       b) hard      c) harder

58. To my point of view, they are not_____to come to us today.

a) definitely     b) likely      c) like

59. You_________call him.

a) had better       b) would better     c) have better

60. My car broke and I_______it________.

a) am repaired       b) had…repaired    c) would…be repaired

61. I wish she_______so rude yesturday.

a) hasn’t been         b) haven’t been      c) hadn’t been

62. By the time you arrive we________ all the tasks.

a) will have finished     b) will finish       c) will finished

Ключ до тесту ви можите завантажити за даним посиланням тут.

( Поки що оцінок немає )
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